The Benefits of Using Indian Incense for Aromatherapy and Relaxation

Indian incense

Indian incense, also known as agarbathi or agarbatti, is famous for aromatherapy and relaxation due to its unique and aromatic scent. Made from natural ingredients such as resins, woods, and essential oils, Indian incense has been used for centuries to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. Not only does Indian incense have a pleasant aroma, […]

Juniper Incense Made in Nepal

Tibetan juniper incense

Burning Juniper incense made in Nepal is as quick and straightforward as lighting matches. However, there are different forms of incense these days, making the process a lot more complicated than simply lighting a match. There are Juniper incenses made in Nepal that burn more quickly compared to others and they often produce more scent […]

Cedar Wood Incense Made in Nepal

Cedar wood incense

Why is burning incense sticks, especially the ones made of cedar wood, getting more and more popular each day? There are those who use cedar wood incense made in Nepal to kill odor. In some cultures, incense burning is required during worship. Several centuries have passed since its conception, but incense is still widely used […]