Cedar Wood Incense Made in Nepal

Cedar wood incense

Why is burning incense sticks, especially the ones made of cedar wood, getting more and more popular each day? There are those who use cedar wood incense made in Nepal to kill odor. In some cultures, incense burning is required during worship. Several centuries have passed since its conception, but incense is still widely used today. Several different religions all agree that burning incense has a positive effect on the soul. Now, there are a handful of scientists that are looking into its impact on our bodies, most especially the brain.

Science-Backed Benefits of Burning Cedar Wood Incense

Cedar wood is known to have a sweet-woody, rich, and light balsamic fragrance that’s just calming and elevating. Researchers from the John Hopkins University have looked into its effect on the brain when it’s in the form of incense. Their findings showed how burning of incense activates ion channels within the brain in order to alleviate depression and anxiety. Science Daily reported on the study and their reporting suggests that the solution for anxiety and depression may have been under our noses this entire time!

Pleasant Odors Have a Positive Effect

This conclusion is reasonable from our perspective as it is also supported by aromatherapy. Pleasant odors, which are released when cedar wood incense is burned, have an anti-depressant effect.

Natural medicine definitely got it right when it listed the benefits of cedar wood incense made in Nepal which are the following:

  • Promotes relaxation and relieve stress
  • Removes tension
  • Creates awareness
  • Increases focus
  • Helps with sadness and depression
  • Balances hormones
  • Boosts immune system
  • Increases creativity

The use of cedar wood incense may be a good idea, but there’s one problem and that’s the fact that the online market is riddled with low-quality incense! Before you go out and buy some sticks, make sure you check their quality. Also, the sticks shouldn’t contain anything that’s toxic when it’s released into the air. If possible, only choose 100% pure cedar wood incense made in Nepal.

Incense that’s poor or low in quality is a pollutant, most especially when it’s burned indoors. If you burn incense that contains synthetic materials in it, it can harm you and your entire family’s lungs. Also, it’s not recommended that you burn incense, even good quality ones, if you suffer from asthma.

The Use of Cedar Wood Incense Sticks in Religious Practices

Incense has been part of several different religious activities, especially in Buddhism. Even today, cedar wood incense is widely used in Buddhist temples and other places for worship. Incense, in Buddhism, is steeped in meaning and symbolism. For one, it’s considered as a sacred offering or a means to honor Buddha. The burning of cedar wood incense sticks also results in a fragrant smoke that teaches the necessity which is to burn away any negative emotions and qualities within oneself so as to reveal the pure, clean, and holy self within.

Incense’s calming effects were first discovered by ancient civilizations. Incense, most especially cedar wood sticks made in Nepal, remove stress and heal the spirit. The mesmerizing aroma of incense uplifts anyone’s mood and creates a sense of contentment.

Suffice it to say that burning incense has a pleasant effect on our mood. If you’re looking at using incense, make sure you have a burner or holder appropriate for the type of cedar wood incense that you have. Apart from the benefits that we already mentioned, a burner filled with incense can also serve as a showpiece in a corner of your home! Cool, right?