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Incense sticks from Bhutan

With just a little bit of research, you will easily see that incense sticks from Bhutan are some of the most sought after products in the world. This probably has something to do with their traditional crafting methods and 100 percent all-natural products. In fact, the art of creating incense sticks has been a long time important part of the Bhutan cultural and will always continue to be. When you combine the purity of these Bhutan techniques with the 100% natural ingredients, you are truly left with a good quality product that can promote healing, pleasant aromas, and cleansing effects. Incense from Bhutan is perfect when it comes to preparing any room for an offering to the gods, or just simply replacing a bad smell.

Incense sticks from Bhutan for Sale

Unfortunately, due to the popularity of these Bhutan products over the past several years a lot of companies have started releasing knock off brands of these products. However, when it comes to burning traditional, authentic Bhutan incense sticks, you will notice the difference right away, as these sticks burn slower, produce a medical aroma, and have a scent that cannot be matched by any manufacturer on the market. A typical incense from Bhutan could contain anywhere from 40 to 100 different herbs, flowers, barks, roots, fruits, spices, and minerals. In addition to this, all of the ingredients are chosen with the finest medical properties in mind. Some specially crafted Bhutan incense sticks might even contain such rare ingredients that you will have a hard time finding them.

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