Juniper Incense Made in Nepal

Tibetan juniper incense

Burning Juniper incense made in Nepal is as quick and straightforward as lighting matches. However, there are different forms of incense these days, making the process a lot more complicated than simply lighting a match.

There are Juniper incenses made in Nepal that burn more quickly compared to others and they often produce more scent and smoke, which means there’s a need to be more cautious when burning them. Additionally, the form you choose for your Juniper incense will have an impact on the right incense burner for you.

Of course, it’s possible for you to burn incense on any non-flammable surface like a ceramic plate; but, you need a particular type of incense burner, may it be ornate or simple in design, if you want to make the most use out of your Juniper incense as well as to ensure your safety.


If you want Juniper cone incense, then a good burner is essential, not just for catching ash but also to ensure that you don’t spark a house fire. Juniper incense with wood as its core won’t burn all throughout but cones burn away completely. This is why you need a surface that’s heat resistant for burning Juniper cone incense. Take note: never burn cone incense that has wood for its core on a wooden incense burner or any wooden surface.

The most common kind of burner used for Juniper cone incense is ‘brass burner.’ This is a small brass bowl with a lid. We suggest you select the one that has a larger bowl so you can easily place a Juniper cone in without burning yourself. It should be big enough to accommodate at least three fingers. Also, the bowl’s walls should be high enough that any cones placed inside it don’t fall out.

Of course, the lid must be tall enough that it won’t put out the burning incense when it’s added to the bowl. With brass burners, they have to cleaned well after use as resins and oils can ruin the material.

Solid Sticks

Juniper stick incense made in Nepal typically burns all throughout, so it isn’t safe for you to burn it on an incense burner made of wood. The best or most efficient way for you to burn stick incense is by using a small cup, bowl or censer. Make sure it is filled with sand, grain (dry) or ash.

If you’ll be burning a large batch of stick incense, then you need to get a bigger bowl and fill its bottom with grain so the sticks can stand when they’re lighted.

Another great option for stick incense burning is a censer, which is a decorative bowl that can be filled with any non-flammable dry material. It can even be used with a cone incense. If you find yourself burning incense on the regular, we suggest you consider investing in a quality censer.

Lighting Incense

To light Juniper incense made in Nepal properly, hold a lighter flame or lit match to the incense’s coated end for at least ten seconds. Remove the flame afterward. The incense will usually extinguish the flame on its own and start burning slowly. However, if you see that it’s developing a bigger flame, blow it quickly and it should smolder.

If you’re using incense that’s of low quality, black smoke will float in the air. Smoke that’s given off by high-quality incense is white or light gray. You can still use incense that’s of lower quality. Just make sure that you don’t inhale the wisps of darker-colored smoke.